The Reasons to Stay

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Published by: Laura Drake
Release Date: February 14, 2020
Pages: 381
ISBN13: 978-0-9970721-6-7



Free spirit Priscilla Hart doesn't get tied down, to anyone or any place. Then she arrives in Widow's Grove and meets her half brother. The ten-year-old tough guy has no one else but her. So Priss stays—for now.

But her sexy new landlord, Adam Preston, is interfering with her ideas. He's everything Priss normally steers clear of—committed, stable and no rebellious urges in sight. As opposite as they are, each conversation, each touch, each kiss they share feels so right. Can a little gangster-wannabe, an irresistible "nice guy" and an odd assortment of new friends make Priss want to stay for good?



"The Reasons to Stay is an engaging romance with a charming cast of appealing, likable characters. It is a wonderful novel about coming to terms with the past and moving into the future. The characters are refreshingly honest and genuine and they are easy to relate to. Once again, Laura Drake provides readers with a sweet, sassy and passionate novel that is guaranteed to tug on their heartstrings."
-KT Book Reviews


“My legendary luck is running true to form.” Adam looked out to where the sun neared the horizon. “The most intriguing woman I’ve met in years, and she’s on the way to something else.”

Priss’s small shoulder gave his a gentle bump. “It’s only March. Nacho’s not out of school until the end of June.”

“We’d better get going if we want to be back by dark.” Adam stood, and reached a hand down to help her up. Her hand fit in his as if it belonged there.

She squeezed his hand. The look in her dark eyes lit the pilot flame in his chest, and the heat cranked up.

When his pate sandwich tried to crawl up his throat, he swallowed it again. He’s just made up his mind to grab for the life he wanted…

Three months was not going to be near long enough.