Her Road Home

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Published by: Laura Drake
Release Date: January 7, 2020
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 978-0373718702


Synopsis - Re-release of the 2013 book

You can’t outrun nightmares on a motorcycle.Samantha Crozier knows, because she’s tried. But can a derelict Victorian, a stray dog and a small town mechanic convince her to stay long enough to face them? A minor motorcycle accident leaves Sam, an itinerant builder, stranded in Widow’s Grove, California. While she recovers, she hires the local mechanic, Nick Pinelli, to fix her bike. While recuperating, she finds the house of her dreams to buy and restore. But the longer she stays, the more she thinks that Nick just might be the man to go along with it. When her past finally catches up and exposes who she really is, will Nick still want her?‘With realistic emotions and nicely depicted characters, this is a powerful story.’Romantic Times Review

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"With realistic emotions and nicely depicted characters, this is a powerful story."
-RT Reviews


He turned, and held out a hand. “Will you dance?”

She stood like a scared rabbit. You don’t want to give him mixed messages.

The violin wove through the music, a crying thread of sadness.

He doesn’t want you, he wants a memory. You could give him that.


She looked up.

His hand hung outstretched. “It’s only a dance.”

His soft smile convinced her. She stepped forward and took his hand.

It was large and warm, the calluses a reminder that this dance partner was also her mechanic. He swept her away, gliding across the kitchen, his steps sure and graceful. He held her classically, giving her space. But his pheromone-loaded working man smell bridged the gap. She took a long breath of him and held it, feeling no guilt – she was doing him a favor, after all. His strong arms supported her but didn’t push; suggesting movement rather than demanding. Relaxed in his surety, her awkward body shifted — to something petite, fragile, almost graceful. She felt like Cinderella, at the ball. When he spun her, a bubble of joy rose in her chest until it burst from her mouth in a laugh.

If this man loves like he dances, any woman would be toast.