Against the Odds

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Published by: Harlequin Superomance
Release Date: June 1, 2016
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 978-0373609611



A love stronger than fear….

Former army sniper Douglas ‘Bear’ Steele wants only to be left alone to live a quiet, peaceful existence in the small town of Widow’s Grove. So his attraction to Hope Sanderson is unexpected and inconvenient. Having recently survived a violent bank robbery, Hope has vowed to seize each day and leave behind her safe, ordered life. As Hope and Bear help each other heal, their desire turns to love. But with their lives moving in opposite directions, can they find a balance to let go of the past and embrace the future…together?


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‘This book is packed with emotion! Both the hero and heroine, Bear and Holly, must come to terms with their past in order to heal. And Bear is the perfect tortured hero. There are no cliched characters or situations here. Another great book from Laura Drake!"
-Amazon review


The flush Hope felt had nothing to do with the sun.

The engine growl changed pitch as the bike slowed. Bear put his feet down and stopped. Her foot was off the peg and reaching for the ground before she realized what she was doing. It was instinct—to help balance, and connect with the sweet, sustaining earth.

“Feet up.”

His deep voice rolled like thunder through his back, and kept going, reverberating through hers.

“Sorry.” She squeaked. They were at the stop sign corner of King’s Highway and Foxen Canyon Road.

“You’re not smiling.”

Her lips were pulled back from her teeth, but it probably wasn’t a smile. “I’ll try.”

“Look at it this way. You wanted to push the envelope, right?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to fall off it.”

“I won’t let you fall.” He took a hand from the grip and patted her arm, locked around his waist. “Nothing bad will happen to you when you’re with me, Hope. I’ll see to it.”