A New Book!

This is a book of my heart. I’ve started, stopped and changed it four or five times. When I completed my last contract, I picked it up again and finished it. Turned it in to my agent, who thought it would be a very hard sell in the current state of world affairs…that readers wouldn’t want sad right now.

Well, I’m 69 years old in a couple weeks – I don’t have time to wait, because you can’t enjoy being published posthumously (at least I think you can’t), so I’m self-publishing it.

Meet For Roger:


Joan Merritt lives a charmed life. Happily married to her soulmate, she delights in following rules, her heart and her passion—advocating for women.

When her husband Roger is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, he asks Joan to help him end his life peacefully. But how can she miss one moment of their remaining time together? She refuses.

Roger takes his fate into his own hands, and on a Saturday morning bicycle ride, flies down a hill into oncoming traffic. He survives but has multiple fractures and a head injury that causes a crippling stroke.

His daughter, a devout preacher’s wife, comes to be by his side. Bee, only three years younger than Joan, has always resented her stepmother, and those feelings intensify as months drag on and Roger’s health and will to live deteriorate.

Joan faces an impossible dilemma: How much is she prepared to risk to grant her husband the peace he desperately wants and needs? When Roger dies, Bee has her own answer, and it leads straight to the police.

A story of love, truth and family that shines a light on the shadow between justice and mercy.

If you like Jodi Picoult’s thoughtful novels that invite you to delve into both sides of an issue, I think you’ll like For Roger.

Available the end of November!


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