Queries – They’re Not Just for Agents

I’m teaching my Submissions That Sell! class at Lawson Writers Academy the whole month of March (click the link to check it out). When you think of queries and submissions, you think agent, right?

But nowadays a query is good for a lot more than that. You can use it to submit to small presses and editors as well. But you’re going indie? Read on, because you can use it to brainstorm before you start the book – it’ll give you a roadmap of where you want to go. It will also be the fodder to write your back-of-the-book blurb!

The class is an entire month, and will cover loglines, help you write and polish your query until they’ll need sunglasses to read it – but also, formatting, tracking submissions, etiquette, and what to include. It doesn’t cover synopsis (I hate them as much as anyone), though I have resources to help you write one.

Here’s just a bit from the class.


I’ve used the query for The Sweet Spot, my RITA winner as an example.


The Hook:

Okay, sorry to leave you hanging, but if you want more, sign up for the class, and let’s create your perfect marketing tool – either for your blurb or a submission!

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